As people of the Internet, there are so very many things to keep track of. Your messages, notifications, chats, tags and so on can be overwhelming. Not to fear, Crystal Schuster can help. She’s mastered instagram and came to Starlight Radio Dreams to help Burlington and Owen find their social media savvy.

Featuring episodes of Truth Kittens, Geezerspace and Celtica This episode was written and directed by Ansel Burch, Ben McCauley, Kat Evans, Michael Jachowicz and Karolyn Blake.

The show features Ellen DeSitter as Crystal Schuster along with the vocal talents of Karolyn Blake, Kamron Palmer, Kat Evans, Ben McCauley, Ansel Burch, and Sam Locke.

Music by Sam Locke and Courtney McNally

Sound edited and engineered by Ansel Burch