Euvrain has been driven from her home and begins a tour of Brittania drumming up support from the locals around the island. First stop, Eboracum. Will she be able to convince the local soldiers to abandon the Roman legion and save their country? She has got King Wulfic on hand to convince them.

*Please note: We had some technical issues this month so this recording is not to our usual standards. We apologize and appreciate your bearing with us for this month.*

Written by Ansel Burch and Karolyn Blake

Directed by Ansel Burch

Music by Sam Locke and Courtney McNalley

Sound by Ansel Burch

Karolyn Blake as Euvrain

Kamron Palmer as Wulfric, Roman 2

Kat Evans as Gwynedd

Ansel Burch as Narrator, Nigel and Briton

Ben McCauley as Vincenzo, Roman 1 and Briton

Photo Credit to Michael Wilson,