The Public Domain Adventure Team make their first foray into the literary canon B.C.E. and meet with the Israelites and Philistines in the Valley of Elah. Will a millennia and a half of history make them incompatible or will our heroes find that they have something in common with the troubles of their distant ancestors.

Written and Directed by Kat Evans -

Music by Dacey Arashiba.

Sound Design by Ansel Burch.

Ansel Burch as Narrator and Beowulf

Kat Evans as Mr. Toad, Goliath’s Shield Bearer

Karolyn Blake as Jane Eyre and Phili-Steve

Anna Gaetke as the Ghost of Christmas Past and Abinadab

Rachel Granda Gluski as Eliab

Dacey Arashiba as Goliath

Michael Jachowicz as David