The noble game of sportsball has rarely seen a team as diverse as we have here in this month's episode. The pastime of kings is honored to welcome the Highdale Training Swords in their first match against the Hurdle Purder Murder Turtles. Well, maybe honored is mis-characterizing. After their performance in this game, the world of sportsball is actually shocked and upset but mostly disappointed.

Written and Directed by Ben McCauley

Music by Dacey Arashiba

Anna Gaetke as Bax

Karolyn Blake as Menu/ Trumble’s Menu and Turtle 1

Rachel Granda-Gluski as Squib and Piper

Ansel Burch as Trumbly/ Trumbles

Kat Evans as The Sportsball Announcer, Arsonist, and Turtle 3

Michael Jachowicz as Penn and Turtle 2

Sound Design by Ansel Burch