Devin's return from the YouCon sees her bringing a slew of new ideas to the show, not least of which is celebrity chef Ian Alighieri. But while Burlington tries to keep everyone calm and enjoying themselves, Devin stirs the pot for one of Ian's fabled public tirades. Featuring the season finales of "Lost In Paradise" and "The Merry Wench Wendy".

Written and Directed by Derrick Gaetke and Adam McAleavey
Musical Accompaniment by Arne Parrott

Michael McGinnis as Ian Alighieri
Ansel Burch as Burlington Showtime
Anna Gaetke as Devin Showtime
Arne Parrott as Professor Pianist
Adam McAleavey as Dick Oranges
Kamron Palmer as Owen Mankowitz
Kat Evans as Otter McSqueakles
and with Derrick Gaetke

Sound Design by Peter Carparelli