The Truth Kittens have quite the adventure ahead of them as they move their base of operations to the underground security room of a suburban mall. Their new human friend Frankie is trying help them find their feet... paws while they concern themselves with bringing truth to the world.

Written and Directed by Kat Evans

Music by Arne Parrott

-Truth Kittens:

Ansel Burch as Narrator and French Twist

Kat Evans as Candor Cat

Rachel Granda Gluski as Self Awareness Kitten (Selfie) and Duchess Updoo

Kamron Palmer as Ethics Kitten and Braids

Karolyn Blake as Cassandra Kitten

Arne Parrott as LolCat and Beehive

Ben Mc Cauley as Frankie

Nate Buursma as Ringlets

Sound Design by Ansel Burch