It's been one year since the passing of Rocco Carmicci, and while Bernie & Hildy have come a long way managing their father's business they're still contending with a seemingly constant string of incompetent hoodlums. When Hildy suggests an alliance with one of the other crime families to compensate, Bernie... drinks. A lot.

Written and Directed by Adam McAleavey
Music by Sam Locke

Kat Evans as Bernice Carmicci
Anna Gaetke as Hildred Carmicci
Brian Miskelly as Officer Lazuli
Ansel Burch as Gary Tangerini
Derrick Gaetke as Tony Too-Close/Goon
Jen Usellis as "Diamond" Pat O'Donnell
Adam McAleavey as Lorenzo and Mouth Foley

Sound Design by Peter Carparelli