It's Starlight's first season finale and the Showtimes are revved up to close it out with a bang! And while they've somehow managed to wrangle musical superstar Niobe to make a guest appearance, the legendary vocalist seems oddly concerned with Devin's state of mind. Featuring the season finales of "Mob Daughters" and "Geezerspace".

Written by Ansel Burch, Adam McAleavey, Derrick Gaetke, Karolyn Blake, Maxx Miller, and Kamron Palmer
Directed by Ansel Burch, Adam McAleavey, and Derrick Gaetke
Musical Accompaniment by Sam Locke

Karolyn Blake as Niobe
Anna Gaetke as Devin Showtime
Ansel Burch as Burlington Showtime
Sam Locke as Eugene Boosler
Adam McAleavey as Dick Oranges
Kamron Palmer as Owen Mankowitz
Ellen DeSitter as the Intern
with Kat Evans and Derrick Gaetke

Sound Design by Peter Carparelli