In 1986 in response to a short lived resurgence of interest in 60’s music, an ill fated project came to life. Television producer Clint Fliskton auditioned young men from around Devon, England to form a rock band for TV, The Backfires.

Originally airing after Dr. Who reruns on BBC Wales, the band's daily concert show found a foothold with the stay at home mom demographic and has now found a new life as the children forced to listen to the music as children grow nostalgic for their stockholm syndrome.

Written and Directed by Kat Evans, Ansel Burch, Ben McCauley, Michael Jachowicz and Karolyn Blake.

Our special guest for the month, Horst Porstley was played by Noah Ginex who also wrote the amazing song, “Can you See That Moon?”. You can learn more about his work at

Featuring the vocal talents of Karolyn Blake, Ansel Burch, Ellen DeSitter, Kat Evans, Ben McCauley and Kamron Palmer. And now, on with the show!

-Music by Arne Parrot.

-Sound Design by Ansel Burch and Noah Ginex.