Ah, the countryside. The perfect place for our erstwhile heros from publicly held IPs to relax and enjoy a well deserved respite. Something is rotten in the bucolic village, however and it’s up to our heroes to avert an all out war! Will our heroes be able to bring peace to the farms we remember from our youths?

Written and Directed by Ben McCauley

Music by Arne Parrott

Kat Evans as Narrator, Voices, Cow, Dog and Duck

Karolyn Blake as The Ghost of Christmas Past

Ben McCauley as Mr. Toad

Ellen DeSitter as Jane Eyre

Adam McAleavey as Beowulf

Kamron Palmer as Ol’ MacDonald and Voices

Noah Ginex as The Farmer in the Dell, Voices, Pig and Sheep

Ansel Burch as the Cheese

Sound by Ansel Burch