Buckle your swashes and hoist a blanket around your timbers (to prevent shivering) for a new episode of Public Domain Adventure Team. Our favorite heroes from the literary canon have returned for another misadventure by the seaside as Jane Eyre keeps an appointment with Mary Read and Anne Bonny.

Written and Directed by Kat Evans

Sound Design by Ansel Burch and Noah Ginex

Music by Sam Locke

Adam McAleavey - Narrator and Beowolf

Karolyn Blake - Jane Eyre

Kamron Palmer - Mr. Toad

Rachel Granda-Gluski - Ghost of Christmas Past

Sam Locke- Merchant 1, Pirate Bob and Boatswain

Ellen DeSitter - Merchant 2, Parrot and Mary Read

Ansel Burch - Merchant 4 and French Cook Pirate

Ben McCauley - Merchant 3 and Long John Silver

Kelly Opalko - Anne Bonny

Photo Credit to Taylor Katz Photography