Fairies are real, sure. Heather didn’t have too much trouble getting into that idea. Now, she’s in for a real shock as the true nature of her magical inheritance is thrust upon her. Will she take up the mantle of her family? Will she be the Fae ranger as foretold?

Written and directed by Kamron Palmer

Music by Sam Locke and Courtney McNally

Anna Gaetke- Fungal Sprite #2

Kat Evans- Socket, Isabelle

Kamron Palmer- Clarence

Derrick Gaetke- Grobern

Ellen Desitter- Heather

Karolyn Blake- Bertram, Belulah

Adam McAleavey- Iggy

Ben McCauley- Twiggy, Fungal Sprite #1

Ansel Burch- Puck

Sound Design by Ansel Burch