Frag some aggro spam and config your most 1337 h4x0r gamer tags for a trip to Camp Placeholder, the mecca for adolescent pixel pirates in the greater tri-state area. In this teenage tale, our heroes learn the lines between virtual and reality.

Written and Directed by Kamron Palmer

Sound design by Ansel Burch and Noah Ginex

Music by Sam Locke

Pirate - Kamron Palmer

Ffej - Ben McCauley

Zil - Ellen DeSitter

Xx - Karolyn Blake

Counselor CutesyWutesyBear - Adam McAleavey

SaddleWagon - Rachel Granda-Gluski

ChefHardeeBoyz - Ansel Burch

PotatoMassacre - Sam Locke

420BlazeIt6969 - Kelly Opalko