The Truth Kittens have barely touched down on Earth before everything goes sideways. Can they establish themselves as heroic cartoon friends of humanity or are they in for a truth bomb of their own?

Written and directed by Kat Evans

Music by Sam Locke and Courtney McNally

Anna Gaetke- Narrator, Evangelist Child, Shoe Shopper

Kat Evans- Candor

Kamron Palmer- Ethics

Derrick Gaetke- Logicat

Ellen Desitter- Selfie, Daughter, Lana

Karolyn Blake- Cassandra, Millennial Girl, Mother

Adam McAleavey- LolCat/Larry

Ben McCauley- Harry Bear

Ansel Burch- Lady, Small Time Evangelist

Sam Locke- Music, Passerby, Pest Control

Sound Design by Ansel Burch