Philosophical crises abound as the Truth Kittens come to terms with recent tragedies and giant shoes that need filling. Can our favorite factual felines pull together to make a difference in the world, or will the wafting smell of pork belly soufflé charm them with its siren song of gluttonous indifference?

Written and Directed by Kat Evans
Music by Arne Parrott
Theme Song by Kat Evans and Arne Parrott

Anna Gaetke as the Narrator and the Boy
Kat Evans as Candor Kitten
Ellen DeSitter as Self-Awareness Kitten
Kamron Palmer as Ethics Kitten
Karolyn Blake as Cassandra Kitten
Derrick Gaetke as LogiCat
Ansel Burch as the Mother
Adam McAleavey as LOLCat and Mouth Foley

Sound Design by Peter Carparelli

Photo Credit: Cameron Evesque Davis