Still in hot pursuit of the boorish Sir Adwin, Bax and his new companion Squib the slime monster find themselves in swift need of a pointer or two. But they soon learn that in the small village of Jacoby, everything has a price. Even common courtesy.

Written and Directed by Ben McCauley
Music by Arne Parrott


Anna Gaetke as Bax
Karolyn Blake as Menu/Woman 2
Rachel Granda-Gluski as Squib
Kat Evans as Debbie
Kamron Palmer as Running Man/Man 2
Kelly Opalko as Woman 1/Mysterious Voice
Derrick Gaetke as Quest Giver
Emily Bates as Amelia/Woman 3
Adam McAleavey as Old Man/Man 1
Ansel Burch as Mysterious Voice

Sound Design by Peter Carparelli

Photo Credit: Steve Townsend