With two seasons in the can and a third ongoing, the SRD train is running on full steam! And to help stoke the fires Devin and Burlington seek the talents of a new full-time writer, comedic sketch scribe Danny Burns! But when Danny's talk doesn't match his walk, the first ever live SRD job interview gets... interesting. Featuring the season premieres of "Celtica" and "NPC".

Written and Directed by Ansel Burch, Anna Gaetke, Derrick Gaetke, Adam McAleavey, and Ben McCauley
Music by Arne Parrott

Ben McCauley as Danny Burns
Anna Gaetke as Devin Showtime
Ansel Burch as Burlington Showtime
Arne Parrott as Professor Pianist
Kamron Palmer as Owen Mankowitz
Adam McAleavey as Dick Oranges
Ellen DeSitter as Intern
Derrick Gaetke as Executive Producer Oliver Kane
with Karolyn Blake and Kat Evans

Sound Design by Peter Carparelli