ROME! Vortex of modern civilization. ROME! Fountainhead of culture. ROME! Glorious pronouncement of mankind's... serious need for a whuppin'. Enter CELTICA, the mysterious helmeted hero who strikes at the heart of male-centric fascism, but leaves not a drop of blood in her wake. What is the secret of CELTICA? Find out now, by LISTENING!

Written and Directed by Ansel Burch
Music by Arne Parrott

Karolyn Blake as Euvrain
Ben McCauley as Marcus Tempo
Kat Evans as Gwyneth
Kamron Palmer as Centurion/Willum
Derrick Gaetke as Dolorous Vindicticous
With Adam McAleavey as Narrator/Ainsley and Mouth Foley

Sound Design by Peter Carparelli