With the show on its tri-monthly hiatus and Devin shark-surfing in Cancun, Burlington finally has time to sit back and relax. Or at least he would if the rest of the SRD crew would stop piling their concerns on him…

Written and Directed by Derrick Gaetke and Adam McAleavey
Music by Arne Parrott

Ansel Burch as Burlington Showtime
Arne Parrott as Professor Pianist
Derrick Gaetke as Executive Producer Oliver Kane
Rachel Granda-Gluski as Cosette
Ellen DeSitter as Ms. Intern
Kamron Palmer as Owen Mankowitz
Karolyn Blake as Shirley Showtime
Adam McAleavey as Dick Oranges and Knock-Off Pooh

Sound Design by Peter Carparelli

Photo Credit: Cameron Evesque Davis