After barely surviving an epic naval battle, our boisterous gang of literary legends find themselves stranded aboard the damaged H.M.S. Bounty with three surly Captains and little hope of escape. Working together looks to be their only option... if they could just stop arguing about who's in charge long enough to do so.

Written and Directed by Adam McAleavey and Derrick Gaetke
Music by Arne Parrott


Karolyn Blake as Jane Eyre
Derrick Gaetke as Mr. Toad
Kamron Palmer as Beowulf and Captain Hook
Adam McAleavey as the Ghost of Christmas Past and Mouth Foley
Will Meinen as Captain Ahab
Ansel Burch as Captain Ulysses
With Ellen DeSitter as the Mysterious Noises

Sound Design by Peter Carparelli