With both Zeus and Demeter suddenly gone from the Olympic Shore House, the other gods find themselves up on bedrooms but short on rent. But once the call for new roommates goes out, Hera, Poseidon and Hades find out there's no taking it back, and just exactly who responds might prove more than they bargained for...

Written and Directed by Anna Gaetke
Music by Sam Locke


Anna Gaetke as Hera
Derrick Gaetke as Hades
Laura Grace Bouxsein as Bastet
Ansel Burch as Amon-Ra
Kat Evans as Isis
With Adam McAleavey as Poseidon and Mouth Foley

Sound Design by Peter Carparelli


Photos for the night were taken by T.Katz Photography, www.tkatzphotos.com.