Our heroine's search for the Flying Flame takes her to the frozen country of Slavikstan and the castle of mad scientist Dr. Gorynych Coldbyrne. Her efforts are quickly complicated, however, by a fiendish Imperial admiral, weird foreign traditions, and the revelation that the mythical Dokkaebi - better known as the Sky Goblins - might not be so mythical after all.

Written and Directed by Derrick Gaetke

Music by Jason Lord

Kat Evans as Wendy O'Malley
Ansel Burch as Mr. Box
Anna Gaetke as the Narrator/Widgit
Kamron Palmer as Dr. Coldbyrne/Iron Soldier 1
Derrick Gaetke as Admiral Amadeus Harker
Brian Miskelly as One-Eyed Wilbur/Iron Soldier 2
Adam McAleavey as Slavikstanian Soldier

With Adam McAleavey on Mouth Foley

Sound Design by Peter Carparelli