Things are looking good for the Carmicci Sisters. Racketeering is up, arrests are down, and their henchmen are so busy collecting money that they sometimes have to do the dirty work themselves. But all that changes when a new threat arrives on the scene: a masked vigilante armed with bizarre gadgets and a burning desire for justice.

Written and Directed by Adam McAleavey
Music by Jason Lord

Kat Evans as Bernice Carmicci
Ellen DeSitter as Hildred Carmicci
Brian Miskelly as Officer Lazuli
Adam McAleavey as Alfreo "Flagpole" Angelo
Kamron Palmer as Donny "Porkpie" DeLazzio
Derrick Gaetke as The Vanguard

With Adam McAleavey on Mouth Foley

Sound Design by Peter Carparelli