Burlington and Devin are surprised to discover that Professor Pianist is missing. In his place they find a tape recorded message and a surprise guest arranged by the professor himself... an attorney from the entertainment firm Muntz, Sterns, and Dusenberg.  Featuring special guest Leonard Muntz and the newest episodes of "Lost in Paradise" and "Merry Wench Wendy".

Written by Ansel Burch, Anna Gaetke, Derrick Gaetke, and Adam McAleavey
Directed by Ansel Burch, Derrick Gaetke, and Adam McAleavey
Musical Accompaniment by Arne Parrott

Special Guest Steve Deasy as Leonard Muntz
Ansel Burch as Burlington Showtime
Anna Gaetke as Devin Showtime
Arne Parrott as Professor Pianist
With Kat Evans, Derrick Gaetke, Adam McAleavey, Brian Miskelly, and Kamron Palmer

Sound Design by Peter Carparelli