Tighten your sword belts and grab your goggles, friends, because it's time to set sail with the Merry Wench Wendy! Join our daredevil heroine and her ragtag pirate crew as they strike another blow against the Iron Empire, only to learn of a mysterious new threat...

Written and Directed by Derrick Gaetke
Music by Derrick Gaetke and Arne Parrott

Kat Evans as Wendy O'Malley
Ansel Burch as Mr. Box/Pirate
Anna Gaetke as the Narrator/Widgit
Kamron Palmer as Tour Guide/Grammy Gertrude/Steamroller
Adam McAleavey as Jarvis/Iron Soldier/Tommy
Mary Tilden as Hilda/Abigail

With Adam McAleavey on Mouth Foley

Sound Design by Peter Carparelli