The Starlight Radio Dreams Crew

Just keeping it together since 2015


Whether you prefer old fashioned class or modern day savvy, there's something for everyone at Starlight Radio Dreams. But just who ARE the Showtimes and their quirky band of audio aficionados? Allow us to introduce you...

Photo Credit to Cameron Evesque Davis


Photo Credit to Cameron Evesque Davis.

Photo Credit to Cameron Evesque Davis.

The Golden Age of Hollywood was a fantastic time for American entertainment, back when names like Humphrey Bogart, Marlon Brando, and Bing Crosby graced the silver screen. If you were paying close enough attention, wedged just beneath those monikers you might have spotted another in the credits: "Burlington Showtime". While perhaps never laying claim to the renown of his peers, Burlington still boasts an impressive career in classical theater and films rated no higher than PG (he once used the word "poppycock"). But alas, when the nation as a whole developed more vulgar tastes, Burlington struggled to adapt, and was soon cast off with every actor who refused to hand in their cuff links and smoking jackets for explosions and excess profanity. Upon Devin's suggestion and a burning desire to regain a spark of the old days, he's returned to help steer the helm of Starlight Radio Dreams, bringing with him all the stilted monologues and over-the-top furniture tossing scenes of his heyday.


A rising star in the social media circles, Devin Showtime is quickly becoming a much beloved and recognized presence in the vast plains of cyberspace. She got her start on YouTube with the now famous and surprisingly insightful video, "Why elections are basically blackjack". From there came more such visual treats from the progressive young Bohemian, challenging members of the new generation to reconsider their place in life while still having a good laugh at themselves and, more importantly, others. Internet fame being what it is, however (i.e. not lucrative), Devin realized it would take more than quirky editorial videos to bring home the vegetarian bacon, and thus was Starlight Radio Dreams born. Matching up her inherent knowledge of the Internet audience with her uncle's capacity for flair and pomp, she hopes to bring you, the listener, the kind of online entertainment you're willing to shell out some serious moneydollars for.