• Mrs. Murphy and Sons Irish Bistro (map)
  • 3905 North Lincoln Avenue
  • Chicago, IL, 60613
  • United States

We welcome Crystal Shuster, one of the most beloved darlings of Instagram to join us as we premier new seasons of Geezerspace, Celtica and Truth Kittens. #insta #podcast #influencer

The cast of Starlight Radio Dreams includes: Ben McCauley, Karolyn Blake, Kat Evans, Kamron Palmer, Ellen DeSitter, Arne Parrott, Ansel Burch and Adam McAleavey!

Sound Design by Ansel Burch and Noah Ginex

Mrs. Murphy and Son's Irish Bistro, our inimitable hosts, have prepared some incredible signature cocktails for the evening as well as the ever popular $10 burger and beer special! Please feel free to come upstairs early to order your food and get a great seat!